Our world of work has suddenly exploded - and with it the requirements for office furniture. New Work has arrived. But what does that actually mean? And how can we break through barriers and learned behaviours that make us believe that a swing, for example, has no place at work?

We started by thinking outside the box. This resulted in Splaces - a zoning concept that joins all our products together. One of these products is HUB - the most versatile modular system for designing individual and creative office spaces.

This is how HUB designer Volker Eysing describes it: "During the development process, it was all about finding solutions to working in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalised. HUB is flexible in every regard, has a comfortable ambience and is the perfect tool for today's office environment."

Clever idea: HUB designer Volker Eysing's basic concept is underpinned by a modern sofa with a sophisticated screening system which can also be used as individual elements.

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HUB can be applied in a variety of ways,
meaning that work areas can be planned
and designed with greater flexibility -
and with countless possibilities.

We have designed HUB to be as flexible
as possible in order to facilitate
effective work in a calm environment.

When creativity and quality
come together - HUB opens
up opportunities to customise
every Workspace.

HUB is well-thought-out from A to
Z - because only true innovations
provide fresh impetus and guide the
world of work towards the future.


And can one space give the impression of being a hundred different spaces? Or do offices fundamentally always have to look the same? After all, the people working in them are not all the same. With HUB, we celebrate this diversity and master the balance between reducing furniture down to its bare essentials and developing an incredibly broad product range - for the specific purpose of generating a creative flexibility that cannot be found in any other comparable system.

In essence, HUB comprises classic elements which can be used to implement the concept of New Work more intelligently and simply. For instance, HUB includes backing screens and pods of different heights and widths, mobile and stationary partitions with media connections and mounts for whiteboards. There are various chair and sofa designs, and also a 3+ 2 L-shaped option, all of which deliver Interstuhl's seating comfort. The system also includes benches with and without storage areas, as well as various side table sets.
People may also want some peace and quiet in the Open Space - or places where the sound of colleagues can be turned down a notch so that they can achieve peak performance. With HUB, these areas can be created without forfeiting the lightness of the open-plan office layout. Using meeting modules, partitions, sofas and an innovative telephone booth, we can provide you with opportunities to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the office.

However, for switching off together, HUB offers elements that are not only versatile, but that are, above all, new concepts - such as the HUB swing. The swing - yes, the swing - sets the New Work concept in motion and brings a new shape to the working environment. Combined in a variety of ways with benches, side tables and chairs, the communication zone is going to be the most important intersection in every office.


In this day and age, flexibility is imperative - particularly when it comes to the Workspace. Above all, this area must be versatile and mobile. With HUB, we have developed a solution which is as flexible as it is simple. Existing configurations can be individually modified thanks to the technical separation of the sofa and screen systems. And this can be done in a matter of seconds thanks to the separate stand and connector piece that comes in two parts. This turns the chill-out area with a sofa into a high-quality workspace with a desk. - just what is needed.

Among other features, the screen system includes backing screens, which are available in two designs: High and low. The low version is 135 cm tall, while the high version measures 190 cm.

With a simple connection, the central element of the HUB 2 screen and the HUB 3 screen can be connected to the right- and left-hand curved elements - or simply detached and stored if required.
Our individual partitions can also form a strong connection. The HUB screen (with base) allows the connectors attached to the side to interlock two or more screens. As part of its design as a mobile HUB board screen, the castors on the base enable easy movement and therefore allow the workspace to be arranged in many different ways. To assist customised room design, the individual partitions also come in high and low versions.

The benches provide striking proof that separating and recombining office furniture can be fun. Whether as two- or three-seater benches with a desk to the side, in the middle or without a desk at all, the HUB bench provides the best possibility for using areas in a flexible way and for effective work. There are hardly any limitations to how this equipment can be arranged and combined. Whether arranged as rows of benches, in a horseshoe shape or as a cluster of seats with a partition, you may want your meeting to last a bit longer.


Fabric or leather? Black, white, grey - or would you prefer more colourful materials? It can sometimes be difficult to make a decision if the options are as varied as people's tastes. How fortunate that HUB places hardly any limits on imagination or individual design. After all, office furniture should be more than just functional.

Amalfi, Era, Lucia, Medley and Rime are not the names of new colleagues in the office but are just some of the numerous fabrics and leathers which you can use to design HUB in a more customised way.

Even the addition of small eye-catching elements can make a modern piece of furniture even more stylish. One example of this is the HUB 1 armchair, where deciding between an oak wooden frame, swivel base, aluminium swivel base or aluminium tripod in black or white can change its entire look. The plastic inlay on the aluminium tripod acts as a additional eye-catcher. For chairs,sofas and mobile screens, you can also cover this inlay with fabric or leather. HUB 1 is not the only product which allows for individuality. There is space on the HUB 2 and HUB 3 sofas for either a quick conversation or an effective brainstorming session with three people. And so that everyone can lean back and relax in comfort, we offer HUB 1 - 3 with a low or high back.


HUB is pure innovation, not just in terms of design, but also engineering. Probably the most ground-breaking innovation lies at the core of the system: The technical separation and optical connection between screen and sofa. When developing the HUB range, Volker Eysing believed that it was particularly important to create two team players - with a sofa and a screen - which, with the same language of design, work autonomously and are also compatible. This allows for variations and combinations that are not possible in any other concept in this form.

The HUB screen wall is connected to the HUB 2 or HUB 3 sofa or a table by an intelligent stand and connector piece that comes in two parts. This not only helps to bring stability to the connected elements but also allows you to perfectly level the height when the HUB screen is standing on its own with its gliding slide-in modules with different heights of up to 10 mm.

HUB 2 and HUB 3 can each be equipped with different seat shells and combinations of upholstery. High-quality aluminium bases provide even greater stability. For all HUB sofas, the frame crossbeam is part of the sophisticated power supply solution. A double socket with mains connection can be attached to the crossbeam - even retrospectively - and can be positioned wherever you like thanks to its ability to be repositioned. This ensures that the socket is always exactly where it is needed.

To keep pace with the digital age, all meeting modules have mains, USB and HDMI connections. In the HUB pod, these are installed in the desk. Meanwhile, for HUB board media, these connections are located on the front and an additional five sockets can be found on the inside of the screen wall.

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