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Wolf Diesing
Customer Support

Hotline: +49 (0) 7436 871-142 kundensupport@interstuhl.de

The change in office space is only now taking effect on a large scale

With our new area of expertise, Splaces, we are forging our own path and, at Orgatec, we will be showcasing modular seating options and space-structuring systems that allow spaces to be harmonised and customised. With new product lines within Splaces and Interstuhl's current successful seating concepts, the company will soon have all the tools for holistic office planning, from the office chair, soft seating solutions and space-defining partitions, right through to coffee tables and accessories. Thanks to Splaces and our new product solutions, we are remaining true to our goal to deliver optimum seating comfort. Our innovations always begin with the basic aim of finding the optimum solution for a seating requirement. It is on this basis that we developed the new workplace products for discussion zones or quiet areas for focussed work. This is because office workers in these environments also have a right to good health and fitness with optimum, pro-movement innovations. This is what sets our Splaces solutions apart from many other products on the market.

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