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Configure Directly on the product!

Even more convenience thanks to oap!


OFML data allow you to combine commercial and graphic product data intuitively and conveniently. Many of our customers already work with OFML applications such as pCon.planner, and pCon.facts. We support this work with up-to-date 3D data, operating instructions and technical information regarding our products.

Thanks to OAP (OFML Aided Planning), using our planning aids is now even more convenient and intuitive. With immediate effect, it is now possible to make modifications directly on the 3D model, even on complex products such as HUB configurations. To this end, additional symbols appear on many of our products – so called interactors. Thanks to these it is now possible to change product properties with one click or to add or delete individual elements of a product. This is fun and also saves a lot of working time!

OFML data with OAP makes both the planning process and the product configuration at the point of sale significantly easier. You can find the most up-to-date data regarding our product range in the pCon environment.


New ofml data update

october´20 data release now available


In this data release we have expanded our data by adding a few functions and are confident that these new functions will make your work considerably easier.

The added value which this update brings includes, for example, supplementing our models with OAP symbols for nearly all of our products.

This new concept in the OFML data system allows the configuration of complex products interactively and directly on the item, that is to say, with symbols in 3D – this is possible for the pCon.planner, and pCon.facts programmes and the online basket.

The following data updates have been carried out:

  • In the EVERYis1 series, the EV162 and EV167 upholstered swivel chairs have been added with high backrests. White Every armrests are now also available.
  • UP Junior has been added to the UPis1  series.
  • An antimicrobial material has been added to all collections featuring the Lucia upholstery quality : Performance Lucia Plus. 

  • You can find our antimicrobial office chair covers under Coronavirus accessories.

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