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MIX - Eysing on the cake (09.12.2016)

A perfect example of a combination of the two is Interstuhl's VINTAGEis5 chair. We'd like to claim that we're so "on the ball" that we'd foreseen all this and had requested, nee demanded, that we meet with the chair's designer. The truth, however, is that our friends at Interstuhl were the smart ones - and knew that we'd be extremely impressed with VINTAGEis5 and would want to interview the man behind the design.

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Tech Spec - TANGRAMis5 (23.09.2015)

TANGRAMis5 is comfortable space-efficient modular soft seating that provides a wide range of informal group and public configurations using only three distinctive angular pieces. In social settings, users can easily slide it around into their favourite layout.

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Shaping Communication (22.05.2015)

Can furniture design shape the way we communicate? A recent example of a modular seating unit designed for the professional business environment shows how subtle changes in the typology of a traditional piece of furniture can make a big difference. Its name is Tangramis5, and it's produced by Interstuhl - a German manufacturer of quality seating for the working environment. The design is by Swissbased German native Andreas Krob, who runs a studio together with his wife Uta Krob. But what triggered the idea for Tangramis5, and how did the design process develop?

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FRAME - Conference Calls (07.11.2013)

Designer Volker Eysing describes making a virtue of simplicity for interstuhl´s VINTAGEis5 conference chair.

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AIT - KINETIC, NESTY und VINTAGE (23.10.2013)

New communication furniture from interstuhl

With its new communication furniture, interstuhl offers a choice of chairs and tables for a variety of office areas.

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Frame (09.01.2013)

Frame Magazine

Helmut Link explains how Interstuhl is adapting its office furniture to meet the needs of tomorrow´s working environments.

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FX Magazin (04.12.2012)

Der MOVY Bürostuhl von interstuhl

Ergonomie-Experte Levent Çaglar untersucht den neuesten Bürostuhl von Interstuhl, den MOVYis3. Dabei werden sieben Kategorien, welche für den Benutzer interessant sind, beachtet.

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OnOffice Magazin (01.08.2012)

Grant Gibson on the MOVYis3 chair

Distinctive without being too loud, interstuhl's new task chair has all the elements you'd expect from a well-made mid-market product. But does it really have the power to banish office hierarchies, as it claims?

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