Global customer proximity
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Global customer proximity

Touch the materials, feel the effect of colours, experience unique spaces – in the age of digitalisation, it is still very important to see how products are used in practice, and to experience them with all one's senses. And the personal advice is indispensable in a professional service portfolio. This is why we rely on global customer proximity.

From Tieringen and Frankfurt, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, right through to Dubai – and now Paris and Hamburg too – you will find an Interstuhl showroom in every one of these cities. Every showroom inspires visitors with its own flair and represents the Interstuhl brand with its own individual charm.

Since 2020, almost all showrooms have been redesigned and furnished with new products. A large proportion of the remodelling involved integrating the zoning concept and new area of expertise – Splaces. With Splaces, we are expanding our design and planning expertise to include entire rooms and comprehensive modern office environments. In our newly designed showrooms, we present our products in various application scenarios for forward-thinking work. They serve as a source of inspiration for new office concepts and modern work environments.


"The showrooms represent the brand on the inside and outside, creating identity and becoming a platform for behaviour and expression. In each of our showrooms, we create an inspiring space and meeting point for architects, retailers, planners and designers."

Sabine Geiser, Graphic and Interior Design at Interstuhl


Both the architecture and the location of the showroom are included in the planning. The products have been presented to match the lighting and surfaces and therefore emphasise the character of the spaces. The colour selection and the interplay of different materials atmospherically round off the overall impression.


"The showroom in Vienna is one of Interstuhl's architecturally most interesting showrooms because the building used to be a bread factory. And there are still traces of the factory today. For example, you can still see details like the steel beams or brick walls from the industrial architecture of the 19th century. The old is combined with the new, traditional shell with modern core, this interplay has its own special effect on visitors and this is exactly what forms the style of this showroom."

Marc Lehmann, Sales Management for Europe at Interstuhl



,,We have a HUB setting in the corner where the sun rises, the colors work just right and the combination of leather and fabric with the black frames and the carpet and lighting make a winner that all visitors comment on and want to emulate in their own spaces. We wanted a new showroom that inspired each visitor to find the right HUB setting for them and we succeeded."

Brian Dowling, Director GCC Interstuhl, talking about the showroom in Dubai




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