Cleaning & disinfecting office chairs & furniture
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Overcoming the challenge together

Hygiene measures

Cleaning and disinfection

Which agents are suitable for disinfection?

Hygiene measures in
the time of ­coronavirus
Cleaning and disinfecting
office chairs and furniture

Overcoming the
challenge together

The current coronavirus pandemic poses a challenge for us all and requires each of us to act responsibly and comply with extensive hygiene measures. We want to work together with you to overcome this challenge and support you to the best of our ability.

Hygiene measures

Distancing and reducing contact are by far the most important measures when combating the coronavirus and COVID-19, the lung disease it leads to. However, cleanliness and disinfection are topics that we must all be aware of and implement.
We want to help with these efforts and give you some valuable tips on how to effectively clean and disinfect office chairs and desks. Even though surfaces are not the main vector for corona­virus, it is still worth minimising the risk of transmission in this way even further. In the case of office and desk chairs, it is especially important to keep contact surfaces such as armrests, seats and adjusting levers clean and virus-free.

Cleaning and

Cleaning and disinfection are two different things:

  • Cleaning removes dirt and ensures that surfaces and materials look better and last longer.
  • In contrast, disinfection kills off germs, such as viruses and bacteria, thereby preventing infection and disease.

Both are important! However, we should focus on disinfection when it comes to optimally preventing - or at least slowing - the further spread of coronavirus.
There are various agents and methods for these processes ­optimally suited to the materials and surfaces in question.


Which agents are suitable
for disinfection?

One simple, effective, environmentally friendly method works for almost every surface, as well as for our hands: Soap and water. Thirty seconds spent thoroughly washing your hands with soap, then rinsing them with plenty of clean water will get rid of coronavirus. In the same way, thoroughly cleaning surfaces with soap and water will remove sources of COVID-19 from swivel chairs and desks. Their chemical composition destroys the membrane around the virus, ensuring that it breaks down quickly. The water removes the virus from hands and objects.

The same applies for alcohol: Substances with an alcohol content of 62% or higher damage the protein layer around the coronavirus and deactivate it. Alcohol-based cleaning and disinfection supplies are suitable for treating most materials and surfaces (observe manufacturer's instructions).

Material /

Water + soap

Alcohol-based cleaning supplies
(62% vol)

Interstuhl hygienic cleaner

Fabrics / meshes

HeiQ Viroblock*
Synthetic leather





Metal ­surfaces

Chrome finish





* HeiQ Viroblock kit for Lucia black and chair covers
** Except integral foam (PU) and armrest pads

You can find an overview of further cleaning and disinfection supplies at
Here, you can easily filter by material to find corresponding, suitable cleaning and disinfection supplies with instructions for use. These solutions cover all materials used for desk chairs and are also suitable for a variety of other objects such as desk surfaces. All items can be ordered directly online.
If you have any further questions about cleaning and disinfecting office chairs, contact us - we're happy to help!




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