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Data for the OFML world


These data updates include pricing and functional changes. This concerns the data of the areas: Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

  • For all of the above territories: Price adjustments valid as of April 1, 2023.

  • The following collections/models/options are no longer available:
    Yoster, XXXL, Formeo
    Champ: ring armrests polished
    Airpad: 3C42 & 3C72: ring armrests polished
    Aim: For the mechanics with Autolift function: seat depth adjustment (601), adjustable lumbar support (604), seat depth and lumbar adjustment (608)

  • Additions:
    Tangram: Elements available on castors
    Nesty: Frame type has changed to round tube

  • Adjustment of data for Austria, Spain, France and Italy:
    On April 1st, we combined these identical country data into an OFML data set.
    There is no change in the use of the data. The behavior of the data is identical to a standard price update.

  • General information after a price update:
    If you are working with planning templates or offers in the Concept Office / Online Basket / Planner, you should update the articles using "Update article".
    This means that you will get the prices but also new options for the selected items. This also works when multiple items have been selected.


These data update include product extensions.

  • Price from May 1st, 2022 remain valid.

  • New models:
    WHAT IF WE FLY: mobile meeting solutions
    TWENTYFOUR: 24-hour swivel chair
    MONO: four-legged visitor's chair made of plastic, in different colours


This data update includes price and functional changes.

  • Price adjustments valid as of May 1st, 2022

  • New models:
    SILVER: Executive table 890S
    EVERY: Models with high back and headrest
    LEMON: Club chair LM74; LM746 and bistro table LM800
    LIME: standing table LI800

  • The following collections/models/options are no longer available:
    MOVY, CURVE, SNIKE, Hygiene Solutions, Edition
    Sensor: all sensor options discontinue
    SILVER: 810S, 850S, 852S
    VINTAGE: 16V2, 16V7, 11V0, 11V7, 1V11; Autoflow armrests as well as the chrome option
    EVERY: EV751, EV752, EV756, EV757, EV712, EV717, EV851, EV856, EV951, EV956
    Bezugsstoff: Performance ZQ01
    KINETIC: foldable table top 682

  • Additions:
    SILVER: frame colour black
    VINTAGE: 3D armrests and loop armrests are now also available in black
    JOYCE & EVERY: coat hangers optionally
    EVERY: new options: height and depth adjustable lumbar support on all chairs with mesh back or Chillback, lumbar support optionally on all Counter chairs, 4D T-armrests
    SHUFFLE: integration of curve bridges

For any requests please contact:

Mr Oliver Strobel, e-mail: o.strobel@interstuhl.de


Headquarters product information, e-mail: pdm@interstuhl.de

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