Hygiene and protective measures in offices

Antimicrobial chair covers and new chairs provided with HEiQ viroblock.

For existing products and new purchases

It is likely we have never felt a greater need to protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria than now. So that you can be protected from pathogens such as coronavirus in your working environment, we now offer matching fitted and removable chair covers. The antimicrobial cover sets can be used to retrofit existing swivel chairs and visitor chairs. If you are planning to purchase new swivel or visitor chairs and want the fabrics to have antimicrobial properties from the very start, we also offer antimicrobial cover and mesh materials for new chairs.

Antimicrobial solutions

At a glance

  • This HeiQ Viroblock fabric technology protects the product against microbes and germs. Contains a biocide (active ingredient: silver chloride) on the basis of recycled silver salt.
  • The effectiveness of the HeiQ Viroblock technology against SARS-CoV-2 has been tested* in a laboratory.
  • The HeiQ Viroblock technology is hypoallergenic and certified in line with OEKO-TEX
  • *Data provided by HeiQ based on tests conducted on other materials


New chairs provided with HeiQ Viroblock

  • Available in Lucia black or black mesh (woven product)
  • Minimum order quantity when requesting other fabrics and meshes: 300 chairs

Effective and flexible –
Our antimicrobial removable office chair covers

  • Five different sets to suit your application
  • Available in black
  • Can be washed up to 30 times:
    • At 40 °C on the delicates cycle
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry-clean
    • Wash dark fabrics separately
    • Material: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Antimicrobial solutions

An overview of the collection


Set A

For small swivel chairs. Set includes seat, backrest and armrest cover.

Set B

For large swivel chairs. Set includes seat, backrest and armrest cover.

Set C

For visitor chairs (not suitable for chairs with seat shells). Set includes seat and armrest cover.

Set D

For small headrests. Set includes headrest cover.

Set E

For large headrests. Set includes headrest cover.

Lucia Plus

Option for new purchases

Mesh Plus

Option for new purchases

Together against COVID-19

Our contribution

Social distancing and reducing contact are the most important measures when combating the coronavirus and COVID-19, the lung disease it leads to. But products that protect against infection or destroy pathogens also make an important contribution. That is why, as a furniture manufacturer, we have made it our task to also develop effective solutions to contain the pandemic in our area of expertise.



Working and living conditions form an inseparable entity for us. We therefore see it as our task to be active players in keeping the balance in the world: social, economic, cultural and ecological. We want to leave our children and grandchildren with an environment that is economically, ecologically and socially intact. To do this, we work with children, youths and elderly people as well as those with disabilities. With innovative products in the area of our Active Sitting Solution, we want to make a tangible contribution to the health of people by guaranteeing dynamic sitting habits.
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