Good design is timeless
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We have always developed products that fit the needs of the respective time


In 1962, people had a very different idea of what it meant to sit comfortably at work; the technology, materials and tools available imposed a great many restrictions. That was when Interstuhl constructed the bi-regulette workplace chair - it was height-adjustable and swivellable, made of simple, solid materials: they stood for a long product life and high quality.

After over50 years, the bi-regulette has been reworked by well-known designer Reiner Moll, and re-launched as bi-regulette 2.0 using up-to-date new materials, and without losing any of the distinctiveness of the original model.


In our interview with designer Reiner Moll you will learn what good design means to him


What effect did you want to achieve as a designer for the remodelling of the "bi-regulette", Interstuhl's first office chair?

The special thing about what we did was our sensitive handling of the original 1962 design. The artistry lay in developing a creative reinterpretation of the old design which led into the future. With my team, I analysed basically every part of the previous model and evaluated each design in order to be able to work on this basis. The result is a sum of many new details that work together in a logical interplay, thus defining the new product.





As a designer, what would you like to express?

In a world that overloads your senses, it is even more necessary to establish an antithesis with design. Designs based on cheap showmanship have never been part of my approach. In daily creative work, you need to succeed in creating modern products that are also designed to be long-lasting.


How would you describe your style?

A stripped-down, pure and sensual language of shapes enables objects to emerge which "may" not seem spectacular at first glance but are impressive upon closer inspection and therefore last longer. My work is influenced by Bauhaus and Le Corbusier.


Is there a central theme to your designs or are there recurring elements?

What covers all the various designs that have emerged over the decades is this credo: Product development oriented along human and cultural lines. Doing this enables you to contribute to and be a part of progress in the best way. The excitement and fascination about the shaping of our environment has steadily grown because of this approach.




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