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Interstuhl's versatile multi-purpose stool UPis1 combines spontaneity, creativity and sustainability - for more flexibility and movement day in, day out.

Keep moving! If you do, you'll have the world at your feet; your perspective can alter, you can seize opportunities and improve performance. The way UPis1 is designed promotes dynamic sitting. And this resolves the supposed contradiction between sitting and moving. This functional companion in your day-to-day life encourages you to get mobile, and to get thinking, and while you're sitting it keeps your body, thought processes and ideas completely flexible.

With the UPis1 there are no longer any limits to the world of work or living space. This uncomplicated multi-purpose stool creates spontaneous opportunities for sitting down where no permanent seating was planned. It offers a flexible solution when people are working temporarily at the desk, for informal meetings, or even at home and at leisure.

Our universal seating companion is available in five cool colours. Its innovative design enables it to blend perfectly into any space. The striking red tab is a characteristic design feature and is also a release handle at the same time. The stool is wonderfully user-friendly too, thanks to its stepless height adjustment, light construction and practical surrounding handling edge. What?s more, UPis1 has an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The flexibility of UPis1 brings movement into your day-to-day life, and with it brings enjoyment.

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