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Office spaces are becoming increasingly multifunctional areas. The PUREIS3 is as flexible as everyday working life. It can be effortlessly moved from room to room thanks to its innovative materials, eliminating the need for heavy mechanisms and resulting in a surprisingly light chair. The PUREIS3 goes wherever it is needed, and is ready for anyone to use in an instant.



What's on today's agenda? A team meeting, followed by meetings with customers, then focussed desk work? PUREIS3 is the right solution in every situation. Its intelligent design makes it a flexible partner in the modern working world, thanks to its ability to adjust to every user. Suitable for employees, customers and visitors, it never ceases to amaze: Every PUREIS3 feels right from the outset. The innovative Smart Spring technology adapts to every user, encouraging active sitting and enabling the occupant to use the PUREIS3 intuitively - thus making it their very own PUREIS3.

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PUREIS3 and Architonic

The PUREIS3 is available on Architonic, the online search platform for architecture and design. Architects, building contractors and specialist retailers can use Architonic to view and download further information and materials relating to the PUREIS3. Architonic also uses links to connect products with projects in which they are used. In the same way, designers and architects are linked to the projects for which they are responsible. This makes it easy for architects to access all the information they need at any stage of their architectural design and communication work.

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What makes the PUREIS3 so extraordinary? Its boldness to focus on what's most important. Its design is defined by one core component: The Smart Spring. It cuts a striking curve from the backrest down to the chair column. The transparent membranes in the backrest showcase the inner workings of the chair. This gives the PUREIS3 an appearance that is defined by lightness and ease. The design of the chair column is just as clean-cut: The Smart Spring and chair column are available in either all-white or all-black. Thanks to the harmony in its colour scheme, the PUREIS3 blends into every space perfectly. A variety of mesh colours and a wide selection of upholstery materials and colours are available for an individual look. PUREIS3 impresses with its functional design. It makes a visual statement: Modern, clean-cut, functional.

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Design: Andreas Krob
and Joachim Brüske, b4k

The PUREIS3concept is based on the requirements of the chair's user in their daily life at work. But what makes a good office chair nowadays? It should be intuitive to use, adapt to its user and enable active, dynamic (i.e. healthier) sitting. Working on this basis, the Swiss design agency b4K set to work to devise a PUREIS3that had this function and purpose. Together with engineer Joachim Brüske, b4K founder Andreas Krob collaborated with Interstuhl to develop the brand new Smart Spring technology of the PUREIS3with its core component: The curved Smart Spring on the backrest of the chair. Thanks to its innovative materials, the technology enables optimum, tailor- made sitting comfort and active sitting in all directions, meaning a traditional chair mechanism is no longer required. The product designers deliberately opted for a much reduced, clean-cut design for the PUREIS3. This makes the PUREIS3 unmistakeable and aesthetic, but not overbearing, in any space. The single colour of the Smart Spring and chair column highlights the clean-cut design, while the absence of a mechanism makes the chair visually and physically light and flexible.

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