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What makes the PUREIS3 so extraordinary? Its boldness to focus on what's most important. Its design is defined by one core component: The Smart Spring. It cuts a striking curve from the backrest down to the chair column. The transparent membranes in the backrest showcase the inner workings of the chair. This gives the PUREIS3 an appearance that is defined by lightness and ease. The design of the chair column is just as clean-cut: The Smart Spring and chair column are available in either all-white or all-black. Thanks to the harmony in its colour scheme, the PUREIS3 blends into every space perfectly. A variety of mesh colours and a wide selection of upholstery materials and colours are available for an individual look. PUREIS3 impresses with its functional design. It makes a visual statement: Modern, clean-cut, functional.


The PUREIS3 Smart Spring technology

The core component - the "Smart Spring" - is made using a special polyamide/glass fibre compound. It enables the PUREIS3 to dynamically adjust to the user's body, weight and movement. The Smart Spring not only defines the visual appearance of the PUREIS3; it also supports the whole chair and allows for impressive movement radii - including in directions that are impossible on other chairs. With no further need for adjustment, this enables true three-dimensional sitting - for anyone, anywhere. In addition, the PUREIS3 also boasts an innovative "Smart Seat". This combines comfort, posture and complete three-dimensional mobility.

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The PUREIS3 completely takes care of optimal seat adjustment all by itself. Its responsive material actively adapts to the user, to their weight, size, proportions and movements. This is made possible by an innovative combination of polyamide and glass fibres. Only the seat height needs adjusting. Additionally, the 3D movement radius can be temporarily restricted for focussed work. PUREIS3 - Ready. Sit. Go!

One simple hand movement is enough to set the seat at the right height - no other adjustments are needed.

Slim, fixed T-armrests and functional 3D T-armrests are available.

The Smart Spring can be locked in place with a single movement.

The Smart Spring technology intuitively adapts the chair to the sitter.



Interstuhl is a pioneer in environmentally friendly, resource-saving production of conference and seating solutions. In June 1996, the family-run business became one of the first companies in its sector to be entered on the EMAS register, where is remains to this day. The development of the PUREIS3 also indicates corporate responsibility in working for a clean environment and efficient use of material resources. Through environmentally friendly, resource-saving manufacturing, up to 98 per cent of materials used are recyclable, including a large proportion of natural materials. Interstuhl has an integrated management system (ISO 9001/14001/EMAS/ BS OHSAS 18001/ISO 50001) that meets the company's exacting standards.

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PUREIS3 fits perfectly into any environment. Its clean-cut design and the large choice of colours and materials leave you free to customise your chair. The collection offers four swivel chair models: A mesh or upholstered backrest in either white or black. A variety of materials and colours are available to choose from. The Smart Spring, chair column and optional armrests are available in either all-white or all-black for all models. Choose between fixed T-armrests or 3D T-armrests; the fixed T-armrest impresses with its slim design, while the 3D T-armrest is exceptionally functional and height-, width- and depth- adjustable.

Swivel chair,
upholstered backrest

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Swivel chair,
mesh-covered backrest

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S 4.0


"Active sitting" means regular, balanced movement; the innovative S 4.0 sensor solution provides the digital stimulus. The application, which was developed in collaboration with Garmin, analyses the user's individual sitting habits and actively helps them to improve the way they sit. The sensor can be fitted to the PUREIS3 using a small holder, and demonstrates the highly innovative nature of the chair: The Smart Spring and Smart Seat automatically ensure that sitting habits are active and healthy. They are complemented by the application's prompts to change posture and its instructions for office workouts.

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