Acoustics in spaces
Whitepaper    07/09/2021     22589

Acoustics in spaces –

An important factor for
comfort and productivity

Acoustics play an important role for people when it comes to work environments. The acoustic conditions are a particular point of focus in open work spaces and open-plan offices. Nearly half of all employees in offices regularly feel bothered by noise. How people experience noise disruptions can often be very subjective. However, there are acoustic factors that have been proven to negatively affect people and their work. Noise is omnipresent and can be a disturbance in many situations. Colleagues talking to each other or on the phone, printers and copiers, the coffee machine – there are various sources of noise. This makes acoustic solutions that stop the propagation of sound in a room all the more important. But what actually is sound? What does acoustics mean? How is noise created? How does it behave in spaces and how can it be reduced? These are the questions we will investigate in this white paper, as well as examining the issue of acoustics in space from several angles, particularly in office environments.





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