An excellent design always makes a statement, especially when it comes to the high-quality equipment of offices. But a well-designed office chair not only has a huge influence on the outer perception of a company or an organisation. It also leads to valuable internal effects in the interests of the staff. Because the more attractive the work environment is, the higher the level of motivation. As people now spend more time at their workplace – and thus on their office chair – the requirement for the perfect interaction of shape, function and material is extremely high. An excellent design is by now not only a matter of the visual appearance of an office chair, but it must also be well-designed. Find out now about the importance of the design in the workplace layout and be inspired by VINTAGEis5.

Investing in sustainability - Green design for offices

The minority classed as environmentalists some 20 years ago represent a considerable section of the middle class today and have helped shape a new way of life: The Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). This new sustainability-conscious middle class expects service providers, manufacturers, and their own employers to act in a socially responsible manner. For companies, this means that investment in the environmental and social compatibility of their products and services is worthwhile both now and in the future - and the same applies to the working environment in their own ranks as well.

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The importance of designing the workplace

Good design makes an impression - especially when it comes to the office environment. Various criteria need to be met to ensure a high standard in the workplace. This primarily applies to one of its most important furniture pieces: the office chair. The first impression is always an important one. This is clear when you consider a person only needs a tenth of a second to get a first impression of an environment. In this short time, one assesses the environment and decides whether it is attractive, likeable, or trustworthy. One also decides whether or not they feel comfortable in the situation and whether they should stay or go. A company's offices serve as an advertisement, contributing in many ways to its success.

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Good workplace: Motivation and appreciation

A well-designed workplace plays a key role in employee motivation and is a clear indication of appreciation. Design, health, comfort, and flat hierarchies are the deciding factors here. Nothing influences the motivation of employees more strongly than a well-designed workplace. And nothing connects people more to their workplace than the chair on which they sit. The selection of the right office chair has huge potential when it comes to the appreciation and motivation of employees.

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An award-winning line of office chairs - VINTAGEIS5 receives the 2017 German Design Award

A good design in the office places a higher value on work. A good design helps users when deciding what to purchase. A good design is a statement for the people who use an office chair. But a good design can also be proven: The entire VINTAGEis5 chair collection won the German Design Award in 2017. VINTAGEis5 was created to give added value to sedentary work. The aim was to develop a collection of office chairs that have a high level of desirability, provides inspiration, and makes people happy. The reactions from those who experience the VINTAGEis5 collection repeatedly prove that this project is successful. The fact that professionals also recognize the excellent design of VINTAGEis5 is now even more delightful. The entire VINTAGEis5 collection received the prestigious German Design Award in 2017.

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Volker Eysing - Product Designer of VINTAGEIS5

The belief that aesthetics can only arise if it follows an order as well as fulfils a practicality, was already the underlying concept when developing the previous conference chair family of VINTAGEis5. The designer Volker Eysing has conceptually transferred the principle of a central design element for the expansion of the product family to the entire swivel chair family and placed the elegantly formed backrest frame in the centre of the design. The integrated design concept gives VINTAGEis5 a distinctive character and innovative features supplement the attractiveness of the swivel chair family. Various designs with the back variants and armrests provide a tremendous amount of freedom. The chair program VINTAGEis5 is really convincing with its variety in many areas and work spaces.

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