When it comes to sitting the following applies: Nothing is more important than constant movement. Because there is no one proper ergonomic sitting position as has been proved. On the contrary, static sitting affects our health. However, the modern working world demands increasingly longer periods of sitting on the office chair. There are numerous labour research studies which focus on the effects on health and on a positive design of the sedentary lifestyle. An excellent office chair encourages active sitting, without forcing the person into a certain posture. Furthermore, healthy sitting on an office chair must be as simple as possible. With VINTAGEis5 Interstuhl makes an excellent contribution to ergonomic and comfortable sitting at the workstation and also provides comprehensive information about the topic "Innovation and Movement" in the following articles.

Smart Motion technology - a new mechanism is revolutionizing everyday working life

Kinematics is a field of mechanics that examines movement from a purely geometric perspective based on the variables of time, location, speed, and acceleration. It is often referred to as "movement geometry." The term kinematics therefore describes how a body moves. Dynamics, on the other hand, focus on why.

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The innovation of Auto Flow: Supportive armrests for an optimum office chair

An armrest is setting new innovative standards: When it comes to ergonomics at the workplace, your arms play a decisive role. Once they are free to move, this has a relaxing effect on the rest of the body. The Auto Flow armrest from the VINTAGEis5 office chair series is a technological innovation. It supports dynamic sitting without the user needing to make deliberate efforts to stay active.

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Health in the office: Sitting correctly is a question of adjustment

A good office chair is only the start. If a chair is not correctly adjusted, it cannot be used to its full potential. Yet, in reality, very few people actually take the time to correctly adjust their chair. Most just don't bother. Adjusting the seat is an absolute matter of course when taken in a completely different context: The first thing to be adjusted when sitting into a new car is the seat because the right adjustment is necessary for a good sitting position, and thus a safe journey.

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Fraunhofer & Interstuhl: Combination of research and practice

An innovative collaboration: Interstuhl has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. Whether involving research projects or the development of new seating solutions, Fraunhofer and Interstuhl are working together to make the office of the future a reality. "It does work!" - this is the simple approach taken by those with a thirst for knowledge, with a healthy curiosity since early childhood, and also the motto of Europe's leading organization for applied research: the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Founded in 1949 and run by three employees, the research institute now boasts a workforce of 24,500 and plays an important part in promoting Germany as a scientific and business capital.

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More movement to combat sedentary lifestyle: Combat the detrimental effects of sitting with VINTAGEIS5

We are sitting more often and for longer periods. This trend will also continue in the future. As static sitting is very detrimental to our health in the long run, it is necessary to combine sitting and movement. One solution in this conflict area is VINTAGEis5. The office chair stimulates movement and thus protects the health of the people sitting in it. The digitalization of work is becoming increasingly widespread. In the past people had to come to work, now the work comes to the people. The result is that people are sitting more often and for longer periods of time for every kind of work. What promises comfort and relief at first glance, emerges as a serious danger to health upon closer examination.

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The new invention of lumbar support: The VINTAGEIS5 mesh backrest with Bionic Effect

Whoever really wants to create something new must be prepared to question existing approaches. This openness forms the basis of Interstuhl's engineering approach. Driven by the belief that even good things can be further improved upon, Interstuhl reworks the mesh backrest for VINTAGEis5 and integrates the lumbar support directly into the fabric. The main task of a good office chair is to provide support to the spine and, in particular, to the lower lumbar region. Excessive strain on the spine is actively counteracted only when the body experiences active support and can stay moving.

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Bring some flow into your sedentary work!

Static sitting for a prolonged period damages the body. Therefore it is important to keep moving when working. VINTAGEis5 is committed to bringing some flow into the sedentary office environment. It has technical features which offers a lot of comfort and at the same time stimulate movement. Stay fit and healthy with VINTAGEis5. Rigid sitting is one of the biggest health problems of the modern office environment. Sitting for too long without any movement not only damages the spine and muscles, but the cardiovascular system, and metabolic process also suffer. VINTAGEis5 is a collection of office chairs that now addresses this problem. Many innovative and stimulating elements were thus developed for VINTAGEis5: From an innovative seat mechanism, to a completely new armrest concept, through to an actual office workout.

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