An award-winning line of office chairs - VINTAGEIS5 receives the 2017 German Design Award

A good design in the office places a higher value on work. A good design helps users when deciding what to purchase. A good design is a statement for the people who use an office chair. But a good design can also be proven: The entire VINTAGEis5 chair collection won the German Design Award in 2017.

VINTAGEis5 was created to give added value to sedentary work. The aim was to develop a collection of office chairs that have a high level of desirability, provides inspiration, and makes people happy. The reactions from those who experience the VINTAGEis5 collection repeatedly prove that this project is successful. The fact that professionals also recognize the excellent design of VINTAGEis5 is now even more delightful. The entire VINTAGEis5 collection received the prestigious German Design Award in 2017.

Volker Eysing and VINTAGEIS5: The designer and his chair

Volker Eysing believes that aesthetics can only become a reality when it follows order and also fulfills the requirements for functionality. This belief formed the basis for the development of the entire VINTAGEis5 product line. Based on the characteristic backrest frame, Volker Eysing created a design principle which is carried across the entire VINTAGEis5 office chair range. The integrated design concept gives the collection a distinctive character. Complemented with innovative features in the area of swivel chairs, a product line evolved that is consistent, extremely attractive, and also has health benefits to boot. The VINTAGEis5 range of chairs offers a large variety of designs, thus covering many applications and work areas.

The design philosophy behind VINTAGEIS5

Interstuhl stands for excellent engineering and individual "aesthetic" which can be experienced with all the senses and for ecological, economical, and ergonomic efficiency. Seating solutions from Interstuhl should be seen as a source of enrichment for the people, individually, and for the community. The purpose of the work is to make visions become reality with excellent developments. With VINTAGEis5 it also involved reinterpreting the complex "office" system as a whole and setting standards. The result is a range of office chairs that are simultaneously innovative and timeless: giving top priority to the health of its users, focusing on designing in harmony the desire for elegance, and providing value along with heterogeneous working worlds. In summary, VINTAGEis5 is literally "Engineered for Excellence."

Reasons for the decision of the jury of the German Design Award 2017

"With VINTAGEis5, designer Volker Eysing created a design-oriented and convertible line of chairs which impresses in all areas - whether it is executive, conference, or swivel chair - with a structured concept and numerous design variants. VINTAGEis5 encourages active sitting and supports a proper and healthy posture. Global innovations such as the innovative chair mechanism, the ergonomic armrests, and the mesh lumbar support provide an unprecedented level of comfort ... The detail of the high-quality finish can be seen on the chairs, whereby the elegant design with its exquisite materials is a reminder of the interior in luxury-class saloons. A timelessly and beautifully designed line which offers maximum seating comfort."


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