Fraunhofer & Interstuhl: Combination of research and practice

An innovative collaboration: Interstuhl has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. Whether involving research projects or the development of new seating solutions, Fraunhofer and Interstuhl are working together to make the office of the future a reality.

"It does work!" - this is the simple approach taken by those with a thirst for knowledge, with a healthy curiosity since early childhood, and also the motto of Europe's leading organization for applied research: the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Founded in 1949 and run by three employees, the research institute now boasts a workforce of 24,500 and plays an important part in promoting Germany as a scientific and business capital. The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft comprises 69 institutes and research facilities across Germany, all focused on innovation and the future. There are more than three inventions and two patent applications registered every day, proving that the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is at the top of its game - which has seen it, unsurprisingly and deservedly, named as one of the Top 100 Global Innovators for the fourth time in a row.

Research partner for office trends with potential

Smart Office, Work 4.0, the moving office - what does the workplace of the future actually look like? As part of the Office21® Innovation Initiative, Interstuhl is developing and researching ideas and solutions for office trends of the future, together with other cooperation partners and under the academic guidance of the Fraunhofer IAO (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering). Based on ergonomic methods - practical scenarios, concepts, and methods are being developed at the Office Innovation Center in Stuttgart with an aim to meet the requirements of a sustainably designed working and living environment. The focus of this research is on improving communication, well-being, productivity, motivation, creativity, and innovation.

Another cooperation project is also looking at office trends of the future: The Future Work Lab is an innovation laboratory for work, people, and technology at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. Here, companies, politicians, researchers, and anyone with an interest in this area can experience the future of working live. And Interstuhl is right at the heart of it all: Two VINTAGEis5 models will be used at one of the workplaces of the Future Work Lab.

Learning from research and creating office trends for the future

Interstuhl is not only benefiting from the ergonomic expertise of Fraunhofer IAO. It is also gaining exclusive access to research results and enjoying lively interactions with leading innovators from around the globe, thus considerably advancing its knowledge.

Superb results: Office chairs from Interstuhl are exceeding expectations from those in research

Regardless of how innovative our communication channels become or the technology of the future will be, being seated at work will not only continue to determine our daily work routine, we will be spending even more time doing it. Man is not made for sitting, however. If an appropriate balance between sitting and moving is not found, the spine and muscles become damaged and the person becomes ill. Therefore, creating office trends with a view to progress and innovation primarily means focusing on ergonomic and biomechanical requirements in order to promote healthy sitting and to prevent office work from becoming a health risk in the future.

With VINTAGEis5, Interstuhl has designed an office chair collection that, following extensive scientific assessment, not only meets the expectations of Fraunhofer IAO but exceeds them: The VINTAGEis5 office chair has impressed the experts with its ergonomic quality. Valuable, comfortable, practical, and innovative are just some of the qualities attributed to the VINTAGEis5 in the report. With innovative ideas such as Smart Motion technology, the Bionic Effect lumbar support, and Auto Flow armrests, the office chair collection is promoting a high standard of healthy, comfortable sitting certified by the Fraunhofer IAO.


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