Efficiency when seated: Good office chairs increase productivity

The working world is currently undergoing change. Maximum mobility, rapid communication, and the simultaneous desire for an optimum work-life balance - the working environment in this digital age is presenting us with major challenges. Not to mention costing valuable energy. Making it all the more important to get the most out of our time in the office, efficiently applying our energy and power of concentration. A factor often underestimated when it comes to the productivity of employees is the quality of seating.

Poor seating is anything but efficient - it is, quite simply, a waste of energy. Research carried out estimates that up to 40% (see proof) of our energy at work is spent compensating for an unfavourable posture. This equates to, for example, the energy poured into productive output. When compared to other influences (e.g., handling disruptions, organizing the work desk or technical problems) that use up to almost a fifth of energy reserves, this figure is considerable.

A good office chair encourages movement

One of the main reasons for postural problems at work is the use of equipment that fails to meet the requirements of a modern working world. A modern office chair that allows for an excellent seating position has an immediate impact on the productivity of employees. A good office chair supports dynamic sitting. As there is not one ergonomically correct sitting position, the best position is always the one that subtly supports the constant movement of the user. This is not only good for health, but also promotes concentration, prevents signs of fatigue, and reduces the rate of error. Anyone who can move freely when sitting requires less time to physically compensate for poor sitting posture, thus saving up to 30% more energy which can then be channelled elsewhere.

Concentration is also a question of sitting correctly

In order to be able to concentrate at work, it must be possible to block out all external influences and focus specifically on the task at hand. Physical strain, such as tension or numbness, prevents concentration and the distraction results in thought processes being interrupted. These interruptions are often experienced unconsciously, but are constant and in quick succession, putting considerable strain on working efficiency. Concentration is thus also a question of correct sitting position.

Excellent seating solutions for greater productivity

On the one hand, the VINTAGEis5 collection of office chairs supports your body and the chairs themselves are extremely comfortable. On the other hand, VINTAGEis5 constantly encourages movement, which means dynamic sitting takes place intuitively. It promotes concentration and thus productivity. The VINTAGEis5 collection has been created for excellence at work.


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