Smart Motion technology - a new mechanism is revolutionizing everyday working life

A new take on ergonomics - with kinematic processes.

Kinematics is a field of mechanics that examines movement from a purely geometric perspective based on the variables of time, location, speed, and acceleration. It is often referred to as "movement geometry." The term kinematics therefore describes how a body moves. Dynamics, on the other hand, focus on why.

An office chair designed to deliver excellent ergonomics is equipped with a mechanism geared towards kinematic considerations, i.e. movement. This was the exact focus when creating the VINTAGEis5 range of ergonomic office chairs from Interstuhl that use Smart Motion technology to create a mechanism that supports the kinematic processes.

Smart Motion - a world-first intelligent technology that moves and sets new standards

Movement can also take place while a person is seated and, in some cases, without them even noticing it. This is precisely the key idea behind the pioneering office chair development from Interstuhl: Smart Motion technology. A dynamic seat tilt angle, integrated dynamic rocker mechanism, as well as a moving backrest bring completely intuitive motion into everyday seating. Its mechanism enables the chair to follow the movements of the seated person, thereby motivating them to change their seating position more often and encouraging an ergonomic posture.

Interstuhl has a real passion for engineering. This passion allows us to rethink mechanical systems and solve technological challenges, while also fueling our continuous drive for innovation, resulting in reinterpretations of seating solutions that set standards.


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