Requirements and solutions When is an office chair an excellent line-up for the office, what makes it a sound investment? Whether it is managing directors, buyers or architects – decision-makers have to deal with diverse factors when it comes to planning office equipment. Different demands and questions arise. It has been proven that a high-quality office chair has a considerable influence on the work productivity and motivation of employees. It can become the real factor in the acquisition and long-term commitment of valuable talent. And a big challenge in planning lies in the equipment of the different areas of a company or organisation with a standard design concept. And ergonomic qualities and convenient functions of the office chairs also have to be tailored exactly to the prevailing needs. Interstuhl provides responses to the key questions decision-makers face in the planning stage. Whether it is the perfect individual solution for the office chair at the desk or an overall concept in terms of a long-term investment.

Building on excellence - The working world of architects

With designing spectacular buildings, producing sketches, creating models and then seeing them come to life worldwide, architecture is clearly a dream profession for many. However, there are a couple of things that most people do not realize about the everyday work life of an architect. Firstly, architects generally work in the office more often than in the wide world. Secondly, the job involves as much administrative work as creative work. Yet despite these obstacles, spectacular buildings are created by architects who live out their dream jobs in an office, ready to face any and all challenges.

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Promoting health & saving on costs: A good office chair pays off

Many people spend a large part of their day sitting. If they are sitting statically and incorrectly, long-term damage to health can be expected leading to time off from work and high costs for the employer. A good chair pays off when the number of sick days taken is reduced by just two.

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Efficiency when seated: Good office chairs increase productivity

The working world is currently undergoing change. Maximum mobility, rapid communication, and the simultaneous desire for an optimum work-life balance - the working environment in this digital age is presenting us with major challenges. Not to mention costing valuable energy. Making it all the more important to get the most out of our time in the office, efficiently applying our energy and power of concentration. A factor often underestimated when it comes to the productivity of employees is the quality of seating.

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The secret to homogeneous office equipment: the VINTAGEIS5 collection

With the VINTAGEis5 collection of office chairs, various workstations can be designed in a uniform design language. Different workstations entail different needs and requirements of an office chair. Especially when it comes to equipping large units with office chairs, one is faced with the challenge of bringing together a uniform design language and diverse applications. Whether it is the manager's office, employee workstations, waiting areas, or conference rooms - the office equipment should appear as a unified picture. And at the same time there must be a chair fit for the respective purpose at every workplace.

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Representation as a success factor

Whoever wants to be successful must radiate success - for example with representative office chairs from the VINTAGEis5 collection. You are what you have! Even if this statement sounds very simplistic, it is however, a fixed element of the sales psychology. Representative equipment in offices, visitor areas, and conference rooms sends a message to customers and employees. Today the office is no longer a place where people meet to complete tasks. This is where visions and innovations are born. Excellent employees deliver top performances in an inspiring and stimulating environment and thus make a company excellent.

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