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Standing table
Dim.:700x700x1085 mm
(L x W x H)
four legged

Life is motion. Right from the beginning. First a small step, later maybe a giant leap. Absence of activity equals absence of thought and experience. Every child learns this. Without purposeful curiosity, there are no questions and no answers. The most important impetus of our actions: learning is never passive, the thought-process is not abstract, detached from our bodies. Nowadays, thinking means especially one thing: motion. Intellectual and physical. Because it feels good, keeps us fresh; mind and body. Because motion brings change, stimulation - resulting in improved performance, concentration and motivation. Therefore office spaces are first and foremost that: spaces of motion. And more. Spaces for motion and cooperation. That is why we created KINETICis5. For a new work environment in motion and dialogue. Not because we think that the journey is the destination, but because motion is what leads us to the destination.

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contaminantsThe Blue Angel
www.blauer-engel.de/uz117The Blue Angel
www.blauer-engel.de/uz117reddot design award
2013reddot design award
2013German Design Award 
2014 NOMINEEGerman Design Award 
2014 NOMINEEGerman Design Award
2014 special mentionGerman Design Award
2014 special mentionTested safety
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(partial)Quality produced
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