Champ 3C02
Champ 3C02
Champ 3C02
Champ 3C02
Champ 3C02
Swivel armchair, high,
with Body-Float synchro mechanism
and weight adjustment
(T-armrests optional)

Optically, Champ is a slim, distinct, androgynous type. Its upholstery segments accentuate its design and identify the different backrest heights at the same time. Champ is a new product concept with new technology for an extraordinary feeling when sitting - the "Bodyfloat". When you sit down, the seat floats down and moves backwards. This innovative connection of the backrest makes it possible to achieve an unequalled and delicate aesthetic and lightness of the mechanical block. People with formal demands will look at office swivel chairs in a whole new light and be able to feel the uniqueness of Body-Float.

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Quality produced 
for the environmentTested for 
contaminantsErgonomics approved
(Swivel chairs)The Blue Angel safetyBifma e3
level Platinreddot design award
2009Quality OfficeWarranty (10 year)Level 3
European Sustainability 
- highest levelBIFMA compliant
(Swivel chairs)

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