JOYCEis3 JC501
JOYCEis3 JC501
Cantilever frame,
stacking height: 4 pieces

Whether in open-plan or individual offices: When it's important to support focused working processes, JOYCEIS3 puts you in the spotlight. The flexible swivel chair puts the requirements and preferences of its user at the heart of the matter. It offers numerous options to create custom combinations of backrest versions, upholstery and colour designs.

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Quality produced 
for the environmentTested for 
contaminantsThe Blue Angel safetyBifma e3
level PlatinQuality OfficeWarranty (10 year)Level 3
European Sustainability 
- highest levelGerman Design Award
2019 special mentionErgonomics approved
(Swivel chairs)BIFMA compliant 2017
(Swivel chairs)

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